Measure Selection

Practices must select at least 6 measures and up to 12 measures to be shared across all providers in the practice.  Note that this is a per measure fee, not a per provider fee.  You must select at least 1 high priority or 1 outcome measure.

Additional measures can be purchased the time of the order or after the initial implementation for $200 per measure. Note that this is a per measure fee, not a per provider fee.
•Once the original measure order is implemented any "swapping" of measures will be treated as an additional measure and will incur a $200 per measure fee.

Measure Submission: Clinigence will submit all measures for all participating providers in the practice or the GPRO.  CMS will use the 6 most advantageous to each provider or GPRO.

A few measures also identified with the IA identification number can also be used for IA activities if they are actively used to improve care.  Specifically  CMS 154/QID 65,  CMS 2/QID 134, and CMS 138/QID 226.

Improvement Activities

The default scoring methodology for IA is that a medium activity is 10 points and a high activity is 20 points.  A total of 40 points is needed to receive full credit for this category. Most small practices (fewer than 15 providers) will need 20 points.  Select enough activities to meet your IA points requirements at no additional charge.  Additional activities can be purchased at $200 per activity.

* Note that Activity ID IA_PSPA_18 can be achieved by using the Clinigence CQM's in the Quality section and the Clinigence application to "Regularly review measures of quality, utilization, patient satisfaction and other measures that may be useful at the practice level and at the level of the care team or MIPS eligible clinician or group(panel); and/or Use relevant data sources to create benchmarks and goals for performance at the practice level and panel level."

You may select IA activities which are not supported by Clinigence or you may select a combination of Clinigence supported activities and other activities.

For more information see the Clinigence help desk IA page