DESCRIPTION: Percentage of women 50 - 74 years of age who had a mammogram to screen for breast cancer 

IMPROVEMENT NOTATION: Higher score equals better quality 

INITIAL POPULATION: Women 51 - 74 years of age with a visit during the measurement period 

DENOMINATOR: Equals Initial Population 

DENOMINATOR NOTE:  The intent of the measure is that starting at age 50 women should have one or more mammograms every 24 months with a 3 month grace period.  

DENOMINATOR EXCLUSIONS: Women who had a bilateral mastectomy or who have a history of a bilateral mastectomy or for whom there is evidence of a right and a left unilateral mastectomy  OR Patient age 65 and older in Institutional Special Needs Plans (SNP) or residing in long-term care with a POS code 32, 33, 34, 54 or 56 any time during the measurement period  


NUMERATOR: Women with one or more mammograms during the measurement period or the 15 months prior to the measurement period NUMERATOR EXCLUSIONS: Not Applicable