CMS Measure ID:CMS146v6
NQF Number:None
Measure Description:Percentage of children 3-18 years of age who were diagnosed with pharyngitis, ordered an antibiotic and received a group A streptococcus (strep) test for the episode
Initial Patient Population:Children 3-18 years of age who had an outpatient or emergency department (ED) visit with a diagnosis of pharyngitis during the measurement period and an antibiotic ordered on or three days after the visit
Denominator Statement:Equals Initial Population
Denominator Exclusions:Children who are taking antibiotics in the 30 days prior to the diagnosis of pharyngitis.
Exclude patients who were in hospice care during the measurement year.
Numerator Statement:Children with a group A streptococcus test in the 7-day period from 3 days prior through 3 days after the diagnosis of pharyngitis
Numerator Exclusions:Not Applicable
Denominator Exceptions:None