CMS Measure ID:CMS65v7
NQF Number:None
Measure Description:Percentage of patients aged 18-85 years of age with a diagnosis of hypertension whose blood pressure improved during the measurement period
Initial Patient Population:All patients aged 18-85 years of age, who had at least one outpatient visit in the first six months of the measurement year, who have a diagnosis of essential hypertension documented during or prior to that outpatient visit, and who have uncontrolled baseline blood pressure at the time of the first visit in the measurement period (Systolic >=140mmHg).
Denominator Statement:Equals Initial Population
Denominator Exclusions:Exclude from the denominator all patients with evidence of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) on or prior to December 31 of the measurement year. Documentation of dialysis or kidney transplant also meets the criteria for evidence of ESRD.
Exclude from the denominator all patients with a diagnosis of pregnancy during the measurement year.
Exclude patients who were in hospice care during the measurement year.
Numerator Statement:Patients whose follow-up blood pressure is at least 10 mmHg less than their baseline blood pressure or is adequately controlled. The followup encounter must be at least six months after the initial BP encounter.
If a follow-up blood pressure reading is not recorded during the measurement year, the patient's blood pressure is assumed not improved.
Numerator Exclusions:Not Applicable
Denominator Exceptions:None