The Self-Service Renewal Order allows you to select the Quality measures for each individual provider. You can easily select the same measures for multiple providers or select a different set of measures for each provider. The standard contract allows your practice to select up to 12 unique quality measures. If you wish to select additional measures, a fee will be charged. The Renewal Order form will calculate any additional fees that you will incur.

  1. Select the Update icon in the Measure Selection section for the first provider.
    The measure selection screen appears.
  2. Click to highlight a measure from the Available Measures list on the left, then select the Add button to add that measure to the Measures Selected for this Provider  list on the right. You can click the measure titles to select multiple measures.

    You must select at least 6 measures and at least 1 of those measures must be an outcome or high priority measure. Green check marks under the Measures Selected for this Provider list will appear when you have met these criteria.
    NOTE: High priority measures are denoted with "High" in red. Outcome measures are denoted with "Outcome" in green. You can also filter the Available Measures list by selecting one or more of the measure type checkboxes.
  3. When you have finished selecting measures for this provider, select the Save Changes button below the list on the right. The Renewal Form reappears. And shows the number and type of measures selected for that provider.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the next provider.
  5. If you want to copy the list of selected measures from another provider, select the Copy Measures from Another Provider button. If more than 1 provider already has measures selected, you can choose which provider to copy from by selecting that name from the drop-down list. Select Copy. The Measure Selections screen reappears with the copied measure list. You can then Add or Remove measures from the list for the current provider as needed (this will not affect the measure list for the copied from provider).
    NOTE: If you have already selected 1 or more measures before you select the Copy Measures from Another Provider button, those measures will be replaced with the copied list.
  6. When you have finished selecting measures for the current provider, select Save Changes. The Renewal form reappears. As you select measures for your providers, the Renewal form will keep track of the unique measures you have selected across all providers and display the number of measure credits used. If you select more than 12 measures, the number will display in red.

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