Clinigence offers the option of providing clinical measures to track and provide documentation of a subset of Improvement Activities. As your organization engages in these activities you can track your team's progress using our Performance Dashboard. We also offer attestation reporting for our supported IA's. Your organization's IA requirement is based on the number of providers in your practice.

The Self-Service Renewal Order allows you to select measures to support the Improvement Activities for the practice. The standard contract allows your organization to select IA measures that total up to the practice size threshold of required IA points. If you wish to select additional IA items, a fee will be charged. The Renewal Order form will calculate any additional fees that you will incur.

  1. Select the Update Activities button in the Improvement Activities section of the Renewal form.
  2. The IA selection screen appears. Select the checkbox for the IA you want to select. The IA points assigned to the items selected are totaled.
  3. When you are done selecting IA items, select Save Changes. The Renewal form reappears.

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