As you enter information in the MIPS Renewal form, you will save the information incrementally: saving the practice information, the provider information, the measure selections, and the Improvement Activities. You do not need to complete the entire order in a single session. Multiple Practice Administrators and Organization Administrators can contribute to the Renewal Order form.

  1. The order cannot be submitted to Clinigence until all required information is completed.
    Only when all required information is entered will the Submit Order button be active. (There is a button at both the top and bottom of the form.)
  2. Select the Submit Order button. The Order Confirmation appears. If you have selected more than 12 unique Quality measures or IA items totaling more than the practice size threshold, a notation appears noting the additional items and the total additional charges.
  3. Select Confirm. The order will be submitted to Clinigence Support for approval.

    After the order is submitted, if you have any changes or updates, contact Clinigence Customer Support at

Returned Orders

The  submitted renewal order will be received by Clinigence Support and must be Approved. If there are any issues with the order, it will be Returned and can then be edited by the Practice Administrator or Organization Administrator and resubmitted.

The full history of the renewal order can be found under the Configuration tab, MIPS Renewal: