The following measures can be submitted for the PY2018 MIPS Quality Category:

Measure NameMeasure CategoryPPRNet IDCMS QID / QCDR IDeCQM
Cervical cancer screeningCancer Screening5.1309CMS124
Breast cancer screening Cancer Screening5.2112CMS125
Colorectal cancer screening Cancer Screening5.3113CMS130
Controlling high blood pressure (BP) Cardiovascular Disease2.3236CMS165
Ischemic Vascular Disease: Use of aspirin or another antiplateletCardiovascular Disease2.6204CMS164
Antiplatelet Medication for High Risk PatientsCardiovascular Disease2.7PPRNET8NA
Heart Failure (HF): ACE Inhibitor or ARB Therapy for Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction (LVSD)Cardiovascular Disease2.105CMS135
Heart Failure (HF): Beta-Blocker Therapy for Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction (LVSD)Cardiovascular Disease2.118CMS144
Screening for albuminuria in patients at risk for CKD (DM and/or HTN)Chronic Kidney Disease 3.1PPRNET32NA
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Hemoglobin MonitoringChronic Kidney Disease 3.4PPRNET14NA
Screening for Type 2 Diabetes MellitusDiabetes Mellitus1.1PPRNET31NA
Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) poor control (> 9%) Diabetes Mellitus1.51CMS122
Nephropathy Assessment Diabetes Mellitus1.6119CMS134
Diabetes: Eye examDiabetes Mellitus1.8117CMS131
Influenza Immunizations7.2110CMS147
Pneumococcal Vaccination Status for Older AdultsImmunizations7.3111CMS127
Zoster (shingles) Immunizations7.8PPRNET34NA
Hepatitis C ScreeningInfectious Disease Screening6.2400NA
Use of high-risk medications in the elderly  Medication Safety10.1238CMS156
Monitoring Serum CreatinineMedication Safety10.8PPRNET29NA
Avoiding Use of CNS Depressants in Patients on Long-Term OpioidsMedication Safety10.15PPRNET33NA
Tobacco Use: Screening and cessation intervention Mental Health and Substance Abuse8.6226CMS138
Appropriate treatment for adults with upper respiratory infection (URI) Respiratory Disease9.3PPRNET24NA
Chlamydia screening for women Women’s Health Care4.1310CMS153
Osteoporosis screening for womenWomen’s Health Care4.239NA