Measure ID: 2.5

Measure Title: Concordance with ACC/AHA Cholesterol Guidelines for ASCVD Risk Reduction

Eligible Patients: Patients 21 years old and older and a candidate for statin therapy

Criteria that meets measure: Concordance in patients current statin therapy with the AHA/ACC statin therapy guidelines.

Who is a Candidate for Statin Therapy?

The flowchart shows the various decision points where the patient is evaluated for inclusion in the denominator. 

In Clinigence, a scoring event occurs when new data is received that is used in the ASCVD calculation, such as a new ASCVD diagnosis, new LDL lab results, new Diabetes diagnosis, or new 10-year ASCVD Risk percentage. The Performance Dashboard will show the Most Recent Scoring Event and the Recommended Statin Level for the eligible population.

Keep in mind that the most recent scoring event may not have the data that put the patient into the eligible population. For example, if a patient has an LDL of 199 mg/dl in 2015, from that point forward, that patient will be included in the eligible population with a recommended Statin level of High Intensity. If a new LDL result is received in 2018, that item will trigger a new scoring event, but it will not change that patient's status in the eligible population or the recommended statin level regardless of the latest LDL result.

What is Concordance?

Concordance occurs when the recommended statin intensity level agrees with the actual medication ordered for the patient. To determine if the patient meets the target criteria we compare:

  • Recommended Statin Therapy Level
  • Current Statin Therapy Level

And if they agree, the Concordance is Positive and the patient appears in the numerator for the measure. If the levels do not agree, the Concordance is Negative and the patient appears in the complement (Outside Target Criteria).

A list of the statin medications and strengths and the assigned intensity level is attached.