Measure ID: 10.3

Measure Title: Appropriate dosages of H2 blockers in patients with decreased renal function

Eligible Patients: Patients with GFR < 50 ml/min with current H-2 blocker prescription

Criteria that Meets Measure: Current H-2 blocker prescription within daily dose limits: cimetidine 1200mg, famotidine 20mg, nizatidine 150mg, ranitidine 150mg

Calculating the Daily Dose

The Dose Per Day calculation is:

Single-Dose-Amount * Doses-Per-Day * Package-Strength

For example, if the dose is 2 tablets three times a day, and each tablet is 50MG, the Daily Dose amount would be
2 * 3 * 50MG = 300MG

NOTE: The fields in the medication order that contribute this data vary based on the EMR. If you do not see a calculated daily dose in the evidence columns, it is likely that one or more of the required items was not entered in the appropriate field(s).