Measure ID: 2.1

Measure Title: Avoiding Potential Overtreatment of High Risk Patients with Diabetes

Eligible Patients: Eligible Patients: Adults with HgbA1c lab result recorded in the past year AND any one of the following high risk conditions:
1. Age >= 75 years

2. Most recent SCr >=2 mg/dL

3. Diagnosis of dementia

4. Age >=65 w diabetic retinopathy

5. Age >=65 with diabetic nephropathy

6. Age >=65 with limited life expectancy or on palliative care

7. Age >=65 with alcohol or drug dependence

Criteria that Meets Measure: No current prescription for insulin OR sulfonylurea OR if patient has current Prescription, the most recent HgbA1c ≥ 7 %