For the 2019 MIPS program, renewing practices can renew their MIPS orders via Self-Service. This feature allows you to enter the practice and provider information and select the measures for each provider.

Renewals for Individual-reporting Only

This option is only for practices reporting for individual providers that have reported quality data using Clinigence in previous years. 

New orders and group renewals will need to use the Google form found here:

Who Can Submit a Renewal Order?

A Practice Administrator must initiate the renewal order. Once the order is in progress, either the Practice Administrator or an Organization Administrator can submit the order. The Practice Administrator must have permission to access the Configuration tab. For more information on setting user credentials, refer to Adding a Practice Administrator.

The Renewal Order Process

As you fill in the order, the information entered will be saved. You do not need to finish the order in one session. When you have entered all the required information, the Submit Order button will be activated.

Use the following links for more details on entering a Self-service renewal:

  1. Initiating the MIPS Renewal Order
  2. Completing the Practice Information
  3. Completing the Provider Information
  4. Selecting Quality Measures for Providers
  5. Uploading the Consent Forms
  6. Selecting Improvement Activities for the Practice (optional)
  7. Submitting the Order
  8. Requesting Changes to a Renewal Order