When processing a sites data several configuration settings are referenced.  These settings apply to all data for a particular site and affect the report results.  The selections should take into consideration how the source system capabilities, the way the site uses the system, the expected usage of the report results, as well as other factors.

A partner will usually want to select a default value for these settings for all of their sites and let Clinigence know if any sites will vary from these defaults.  In the absence of a partner default setting the system will use Clinigence system default settings.

Categories and Settings System
Application Settings            
DateOfLastVisit CodeListID 1649 Codelist value which identifies a patient encounter.
Caching Settings                
Day of the Week  Sunday Day of the week represented by the datapoints in the report trend graphs.
Crowd Source Mapping   Crowd Source Mappings reduce the mapping effort required to implement a new practice by taking into consideration what other practices have  apped to the same item.
Minimum Votes 2 At least two votes (mappings) must be in place for the same name value pair before the mapping is crowd sourced.
Minimum Voting Percentage 65 Minimum percentage of a name value pair mapping which must be achieved before it is crowd sourced.
Use Crowd Mappings Yes Do you want the practice to have crowd sourced mappings applied to its data?
Exclude From Crowd Mappings  No Do you want the practice's mapping to contribute to the crowd sourcing "Votes"?
Goal Management    
GoalAuthority  <vendorID>  Do you want the organization to which the practice belongs to be able to set goals for the practice.
Scrubber Settings    
New Provider Patient Threshold  100 How many patients must a provider have before a new provider record is automatically created?
Patient CMO Include Unassigned Yes Should patients who are not assigned to a provider be included in the reports and patient lists for the practice?
Vital Signs Default Height Unit Inch Default height unit if not provided by the EMR.
Vital Signs Default Weight Unit LB Default weight unit if not provided by the EMR.
Patient Provider Encounter Yes This setting and those below it are used for patient provider assignments and are explained in detail in the attached presentation Patient_Providers. This setting will assign a patient to a provider if the provider sees the patient.
Patient Provider Expire Amount 2  
Patient Provider Expire Unit Year  
Patient Provider Explicit Yes  Assign a patient to a provider if the provider if the EMR explicitly makes the assignment.
Patient Provider Medication No   Assign a patient to a provider if the provider prescribes a medication.
Patient Provider Mutually Exclusive No   "Yes" indicates that a patient can only belong to one provider.  "No" indicates that a patient can belong to more than one provider.  If a patient is assigned to a provider the patient will be considered part of the provider's population for the purposes of reporting.