There are three types of reports available from the ACO MSSP Registry:

  • Performance - Shows the ACO and practice-level performance scores for each clinical domain
  • Diff (Difference) - For integrated practices, this report shows the pre-populated answer for each question and the current answer which was either populated from CMS or manually entered.
  • Comment - All comments for the entire organization or a specific practice.

Performance Report

To view the Performance Report:

  1. Select the Reports link in the upper left of the ACO MSSP Registry screen.
  2. Select Performance Report. The report appears. If you had a filter active for a specific practice before selecting Reports, the report will display the scores for the selected practice, otherwise, it will display the scores for the entire ACO.
  3. If you want to select a specific practice or select a different practice, select it from the dropdown list for Practice.

The Performance Report looks very similar to the GPRO Web Interface. It shows the number of patients eligible for the measure, those in the denominator, those who did not meet the measure numerator criteria, and those who did meet the numerator criteria. The Measure Rate is shown as a percentage and a progress bar. You can save the report to a .CSV file for use in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, by selecting the Export to CSV button. The report defaults to showing you the performance for the entire ACO, but you can use the Practice drop-down list to select a specific practice.

Each of the numbers in the Performance Report reflects a list of patients:

  • Total Eligible
  • Denominator Exceptions
  • Denominator
  • Measure Not Met
  • Measure Met

You can select the number shown in the report to view that list of patients. Each of these lists can be exported to a CSV file to open in a spreadsheet.

You can also export a version of the Performance Report to Excel which provides a separate tab for each practice. 
Display the report for the entire ACO, then select the Export All button.

The Diff Report

The Diff Report is used to help fine-tune the mapping and documentation for practices that have integrated clinical data via an EHR or other data feed. The columns show the pre-populated values for each patient for each measure question and compares that to the current value that was either provided by CMS (flu shot, discharge date) or was manually entered during data collection. The Last Modified By column shows the username of the person who last updated the patients data for a specific question.

If a pattern of differences is found where the data collectors are having to correct the pre-populated data for a specific measure, that would be reason to investigate further. Some common reasons for this are that the data is not being documented in the patients' charts in a manner that is reportable (free text) or there is a data mapping issue.

You can view the Diff report for a selected TIN or group of TINs and for selected practices.

If you want to only see the differences between the preloaded values and the current (manually entered) values, select the Only Show Modified Records box.

The Comments Report
The Comments Report allows you to download all comments that have been recorded during the GPRO data collection process. You can generate the report for the entire organization or for a selected practice. Comments can be documented at the patient level or for a specific clinical domain/question group. If the comment is related to a specific question group, the name of that question group appears in the report. The report will look like this: