The purpose of the Performance Report is to aggregate measure performance for the organization.  Three reports can be generated: one listing scores by practice, by program guideline, or by provider.

As there can be a large amount of data to process for these reports which can take a while to complete, the user requests a report and is notified via email when the report is ready to view and download.

Requesting a Performance Report

If the Performance Report is available for your organization, you will see a link for Performance Reports on the Clinical Programs tab of the Performance Dashboard.

  1. Select the link for Performance Reports. A list of previously generated reports appears.
  2. Select the Request Report button.
  3. Select the following for your report:

    • Report Type: select either by Clinical Guideline, by Practice, or by Provider.

    • Program: select the program you want to generate the report for

    • Practices: default is All Practices;
      If you want to generate the report for a subset of practices in the organization, select the Specific Practices option, then select the first practice to include and select the Add button, repeat until you have selected all desired practices.
      NOTE: All providers in the selected practices will be included in the report

    • Report Effective: this is the ending date of the report. You can select from Pre-loaded Dates which are standard calendar quarter-end dates or you can select the Specific Date option and enter any date (must be today's date or earlier).

    • Population Filter: If you want to apply a population filter, select it from the drop-down list.

  4. Select Run Report. The list or requested reports appears and the new report will appear at the bottom of the list with a "Not Ready" notation until the system has completed processing. An email notification will be sent to the email associated with your Clinigence login when the report is available.

Retrieving the Performance Report

Once a report has been generated, it will be available on the Performance Reports list to be retrieved at any time by any user with organizational administer permissions unless it is deleted.

  1. Select the link for Performance Reports. A list of previously generated reports appears. A link for each previously generated report appear in the Performance Report list. You can see the Effective Date (end date of the data) and Processed Date (date requested). 
  2. Select the link for the desired report. The report appears.
  3. Select the Export to CVS if you want to download the file in a format that can be used in most spreadsheet programs. If you generated a report by Provider, you can export the report with or without details. The detailed version includes columns for the measure goals as shown below.