After collecting and entering the data for a clinical domain for a patient, that data must be approved before submission to CMS. Only data that has been completed and approved is included in the test uploads to CMS unless otherwise specified in a written request by the ACO.

You must approve the data for each clinical domain that a patient is ranked for (the rank is other than 0).

Follow these steps to approve data for a patient:

  1. Select Unapproved Groups from the dropdown for Rows Containing to quickly find those patients who need approval.
  2. Select the patient name. The summary screen appears. 
  3. Each clinical domain will have a progress indicator which shows if the data is incomplete, complete, or approved.
  4. For any domain that is not showing 100% Complete, select Edit.
  5. Review the answers and select the Approved box when you are satisfied that the answers are complete and correct.
  6. Select Save.