Percentage of patients newly diagnosed with HIV who were seen for follow-up treatment within 90 days of diagnosis.6

Denominator (Universe) (Columns A and B)

  • Patients first diagnosed with HIV by the health center between October 1 of the prior year through September 30 of the current measurement year and who had at least one medical visit during the measurement period or prior year

Note: For 2018 program year, include patients who were diagnosed with HIV for the first time ever7 by the health center between October 1, 2017, and September 30, 2018,8 and had at least one medical visit during 2018 or 2017.

Numerator (Column C)

  • Newly diagnosed HIV patients that received treatment within 90 days of diagnosis. Include patients who were newly diagnosed by your health center providers, and:
    • Had a medical visit with your health center provider who initiates treatment for HIV, or
    • Had a visit with a referral resource who initiates treatment for HIV.

Note that this measure does not conform to the calendar year reporting requirement.

“Patients first diagnosed with HIV” is defined as patients without a previous HIV diagnosis who received a reactive initial HIV test confirmed by a positive supplemental antibody immunoassay HIV test.

Because the measure allows up to 90 days to complete the follow-up, look back 90 days to find the entire universe of patients who should have had a follow-up during the measurement year.