Target Audience for this Report

Board of Directors, Chief Medical Officer, Compliance & Regulatory Department, Finance Department and CFO, Leadership Team, Medical management/Care Management Department, Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee, Physician Relations, Quality Management, and Utilization Management.


Business Impacts of this Report 

Targeted strategies for areas of potential savings will be developed and priorities identified.  The actual numbers are powerful in gaining support from providers, employers, and internal stakeholders.


Detail and Definitions

Navigation is limited on this screen.  The “Amounts” (shown in blue font) are hotlinks to navigate to the detailed report for that category.  The item description shows the calculation of that particular savings opportunity.  Refer to the Glossary for a description of particular metric (e.g. E/M) is calculated or identified.


It should be noted that the individual savings estimates shown are not exclusive of other amounts shown.  For instance, the amount calculated for ER SuperUsers savings, might also include visits that were deemed as “Avoidable ER”, and thereby included in the Avoidable ER savings too.


Note that when filters are applied, the savings amount calculations change to reflect the new, filtered, data set.