The ACG Output report is a patient centric report that details the JHU’s ACG risk model.  The full data set can be viewed online for downloaded to a spreadsheet or imported to other applications for further data manipulation.  The data set includes the likes of disease groupings (expanded diagnosis clusters), list of ICDs, dates of service, total costs of care, and predicted future costs based on patient risks.  It also indicates care coordinate risks and hospitalization risks.  The report is intended to be used with the Member Output reports for care management programs. 

Page filters are used to filter to the desired subset of data.  The filters can be used to build a report with the needed parameters.  The default screen is shown with no data available.   All records can be displayed by not selecting any filters and clicking the “Apply” button.

The data can be viewed in a paged method by using the page controls at the bottom of the report.


Once the desired subset of records is identified, the table can be exported selecting “Export” button.  The file will be placed in your “Downloads” folder on your PC.   Once the table has been exported (e.g. into Excel) columns can be deleted, and secondary or tertiary sorts, sub totals and grand totals can be applied as desired.