Anyone who will be using the Registry to enter or approve patient data will need login credentials for SolutionWeb. 

Note that for PY 2020 the ACO Administrators will need to request user access to the ACO Tools and Registry. 

The ACO Administrator can set up the users in the Account Management screens, but that will not grant access to the ACO Tools menu options. Please send a request for user access to the MSSP Registry to for any new or existing users.

There are 2 types of users:

  • ACO Administrators - Can access patients and data for all practices in the ACO
  • Practice Administrators -  Can access only patients and data for a single practice

Follow these steps to add Registry users:

  1. Login to Clinigence (
  2. Select the Configuration tab. The Account Managment screen appears.
  3. Select either: 
    • Create Administrator Account 
    • Create Practice Administrator Account
  4. Enter the required information (marked with *).
  5. Leave the default selection for Send Password Setup to Account Holder.
  6. Select Create. The user will receive a notification email and can then log in and create a secure password.
  7. Send support ticket to to request access for this new user to the ACO Tools.