This report is designed to let the ACO track it’s progress in data collection.

There is a row per measure that shows the following for data collection:

  • Minimum required patient rank to meet CMS minimum
  • Number of ranked patients with incomplete data
  • Number of patients with complete data (can filter for completed and approved)
  • Consecutively complete (starting at rank #1)
  • Skipped patients

The following data is shown for performance:

  • Included in the denominator (Eligible population)
  • Included in the numerator (Meets criteria)
  • Not in Numerator (Does not meet criteria)
  • Performance Rate

NOTE: Performance numbers are not based on the rank or consecutively completed patients, only those with 100% data completed for that measure. This is a departure from how CMS will calculate the rate.

Select any non-zero number to drill-down to a list of those patients.

You can filter by approval status and only include patients with all data approved. The default is to include all patients regardless of approval status. 

You can filter by practice and/or provider. The default is to include all practices and providers.

NOTE: The Measure Group, Measure, and Minimum Required Patient Rank columns are not affected by filtering.

When the minimum required rank is reached, a green check appears.

After you have filtered the report as needed, you can export the report to a .XLSX file.

The measure data appears on the second sheet. You will see the addition of a Rank Achieved column.