The Data Entry Provider Report is a new report that is provided in addition to the Summary Report. 

It was driven by user feedback pertaining to how ACOs like to arrange more detailed information not only for the data entry process, but for their own internal reporting. 

  • The Provider report removes the data entry progress columns related to ranking.
  • The Provider report adds columns for Practice, Providers and NPIs.
  • Performance Rates are shown in GreenOrange, or Red based on the thresholds for each measure.
  • As with the Summary report, select any non-zero number to drill-down to a list of those patients.

The same filters offered for the Summary view are offered for this view: Approved Status and Practice/Provider.

  • Multi-level sorting is offered for this view. All columns in the grid are offered as sorting elements in the sort menu in the order that they appear in the grid. 
  • The default sort for this screen is measure, then practice, and then provider all ascending order.

After you have filtered the report as needed, you can export the report to a .XLSX file. The default sorting is used for the exported report.

The practice data appears on the second sheet.