The implementation process varies slightly depending on the EMR, the way the site uses their EMR and PMS systems to store data, and the CQM program in which the site is participating.  The major variations are discussed in the implementation steps below.  Where no partner is involved Clinigence takes on the partner roles described below.

  1. New site request:  A new site is requested by our partner as described in the Partner FAQ.  The request includes site information allowing one Clinigence to do a Clinigence server setup for the site.  
  2. Clinigence server setup:  Clinigence sets up the site on the server, readying it to receive data.  Clinigence then notifies the partner and/or site that the site is ready for an installation.
  3. Site installation: The partner installs the data extraction software at the customer site and requests an initial load of all the client data.
  4. Initial load: The data is transmitted to the clinigence server where it is loaded and processed.
  5. Initial report creation: The extracted data is mapped to to the values in the measures.  Some of the mapping is automatic and some is manual.  More details on mapping can be found in the advanced topics section of the helpdesk.  After the mapping is completed the reports are created.  If we believe we can improve the results we do another round of manual mapping and regenerate the reports.  Clinigence notifies the partner or site that the reports are ready.
  6. Report review: The reports are now available for review by anyone with credentials and permissions for this site.  It is not uncommon for someone to question the results of one or more measures.  In this scenario, Clinigence will work with someone who can explain how the practice captures the data for the measures in question and can identify patients who are incorrectly included or excluded from the measures.  The outcome of these conversations could result in more mappings, a change in the way the practice captures data, or a number of other actions depending on what was discovered.
  7. Incremental loads: Clinigence sets up incremental extractions and loads, usually run nightly.  These extractions and loads pull all changes since the last successful run and are reflected in the reports the following day.