There are two methods you can use to create a Helpdesk ticket:

1) Email - this automatically creates a ticket in the Helpdesk and notifies our Help Team.

2) Go directly to the Helpdesk at and select the + New link in the upper right of the screen.

Use an email to create a ticket when... Create the ticket directly in the Helpdesk when...
You have a question about the Clinigence dashboard.
You need help adding/updating users
You have a question about how a particular measure is calculated
You want to add/remove a program
You need to include example patients and PHI in order to describe your
For more information on how Clinigence Helpdesk handles PHI,
How do I ensure that Protected Health Information (PHI) is secure?

Once open you and the Clinigence support agent(s) can communicate with each other by replying to the ticket email thread or entering notes directly in the ticket -- do NOT add PHI in an unsecured email, you must log in to the help desk and enter it directly in the ticket.

Information to Include

Whether you start your ticket via email or from the help desk, there are certain items that you should always include:

1. A complete description about the problem/question. 

2. If this is about a specific measure, include the name of the measure. Copying/pasting the URL of the screen you are looking at is extremely helpful.

3. If this is about a specific practice, include the full name of the practice. We have many practices with very similar names, it will save time if we don't have to ask for clarification of the practice name.

4. If this is about a specific provider, include the full name of the provider.

Including a screen shot of the measure in question and/or including the URL you are reviewing is extremely helpful - BUT  DO NOT include any patient information in an unsecured email. 

5. If the problem seems to be that a patient is in the wrong list (should be in the numerator or should be in the denominator, etc.) Include all of the following the patient information: 

  • Full Name
  • DOB
  • Treatment date/Result from the patient's chart 
  • How the treatment was documented - the exact wording is needed (screenshots are helpful here)
  • Date/Result shown in Clinigence report

Only include patient examples directly in the help desk ticket - DO NOT include any patient information in an unsecured email.