Open a helpdesk ticket if you have a Clinigence product question, problem, or enhancement request.  For tracking purposes every request or issue should have its own ticket in the system.

Clinigence gives priority to tickets logged in the helpdesk system.  By using the system you ensure that one of the agents staffing the helpdesk will review the ticket and respond promptly.  Agents may be on vacation, out sick, at a client site, etc.  As a result, requests sent directly to Clinigence agents (not through the helpdesk) may delay the response to your ticket.  If you do send an email directly to a Clinigence agent, that agent will likely forward the email to and a ticket will be opened on your behalf.

Save your ticket email with the ticket number.  Once opened you and the assigned agent should reply to the original email with additional information and questions.  This will ensure that there is a thorough history of the ticket in the system.  If you accidentally create a new ticket for the same issue the agent will merge the new issue into the old one and close the new issue.