Goals thresholds can be associated with programs, guidelines and measures.  Some programs have predetermined goal thresholds associated with measures but many leave it up to the organization or practice to define their own goal thresholds.  Goal thresholds can be adjusted at the practice level and, if your practice is set up as being part of a larger organization, they can be adjusted at the organization level as well.  Clinigence provides default goal thresholds for all of these entities.  


Why Set Goals?

The goal thresholds set will provide the Clinigence users with a visual cue on their progress. When a program, guideline or measure score is below the goal threshold, the progress bar appears in red. When the score is at or above the goal threshold, the progress bar appears in green.


 A thin vertical line indicates the threshold on the progress bar. Hover the cursor over the progress bar to display the numeric value of the threshold.