We have changed our application navigation in order to better prepare for adding new enhancements in future releases.

Previously we added new screens under the “gear” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Moving forward we are going to employ a tab-bar that will make access to difference screens more visible.

Edit User Profile (Change Password)

Use the  in the upper right of the screen to access the Edit Profile screen. You can update information for the currently logged in user here, including changing your password.

Logging Out

Use the  icon in the upper right of the screen to log out of the Clinigence dashboard.

Browse Programs

The performance dashboard will remain the default functionality that appears when you first login under the newly named section called “Browse Programs”. Navigating through your programs and measures will remain the same as it is now. Select a program from the list or select the Providers or Practices tab.

ACO Tools

For Accountable Care Organizations, there are several tools accessible from the ACO Tools tab:

  • Managing Preferences (Beneficiary Preferences)
  • Attributed Registries
  • Documents

 (More details on this functionality to come.)


There are several reports available in the Clinigence Dashboard and the list of reports you see is based upon the programs purchased. Not every practice or organization will have access (or need) every report. These reports were previously accessed from the Gear icon > Reports.

If you are attesting for Meaningful Use, you can use the Meaningful Use and PQRS Attestation Report link to generate the attestation report for a specific reporting period.


The Configuration tab holds the Account Management and Goal Management tools that were previously accessed from the Gear Icon > Account Management and Goal Management links, respectively.

Account Management (Practice and Organizational Administrators Only).

Use the Account Management tab to add new users or edit information for existing Clinigence users.

Goal Management (Practice and Organizational Administrators Only)

Use the Goal Management tab to set organization-level or practice-level goals on specific program measures.(Practice and Organizational Administrators Only).