ACO-Level Population Filtering

Version 3.5.3 allows ACO administrators to filter patient populations on-the-fly at the top-level of their organization for clinical programs, including Medicare payer and CMS attribution. The filtering options will vary depending on the organization.  

On any screen where the  button appears, you can select filter options that will adjust the numbers for the patient population based on the filters chosen.

The unfiltered current percentages are 50% with 53,562/107,008 for the Process guidelines and 60% with 7,143/11,971 for the Outcome guidelines.

Select the  button and the available filter options appear. Select the desired filter, then OK.  You can only select one filter at a time at this level.

The display numbers are updated to reflect only those patients who meet the filter criteria selected. The current percentages increase to 69% with 8,413/12,270 for the Process guidelines and 63% with 1,141/1,809 for the Outcome guidelines.

The selected filter criteria will continue to be active for each page displayed until removed by clicking the control.