Report Bookmarks

Clinigence pivot reports are extremely flexible, allowing the user to select Filters, Dimensions, Measures, sort, sub-filters, and more.  Once all the correct options are selected the user can create virtually any report they need.  The downside is that the user would have to reimplement the configuration every time they accessed the report..... until now!  Beginning with this release users can save their configurations and re-implement them with the click of a button.  These saved configurations are called bookmarks.

Screens with this functionality will display the following menu at the top of the screen.

View All

This displays the already saved bookmarks available to the user broken into 3 sections.
    • My Bookmarks - These bookmarks are visible and editable only by the user.
    • Shared Bookmarks - These bookmarks are visible and editable by all users in the user's organization.
    • Clinigence Shared Bookmarks - These bookmarks are visible to all users in the user's organization and are editable by Clinigence users.

Reset Settings  

This resets the screen configuration values to the default values for the screen.


This saves the current screen configuration as a bookmark into the user's My Bookmarks section.  The user will be prompted to name the bookmark.


This saves the current screen configuration as a bookmark into the organizations's Shared Bookmarks section.  The user will be prompted to name the bookmark.  In order to avoid confusion it is recommended that before sharing bookmarks your organization users agree on a naming convention and documentation guidelines.  The name field for each bookmark is large enough to accommodate a long name as well as documentation on the selected screen configuration options.


Important Note: This feature is currently available on the top level screens.  Clinigence is looking into a similar implementation for drill through screens.

New Reports for ACO Customers

The  now have two new reports available, both accessible through the Reports tab.

  • Patients Recently Matched - This report is available to customers who have purchased Clinigence product(s) dependent on the Clinigence master patient index (MPI) which matches patients across practices in an organization, creating a consolidated patient record.  The matching algorithm runs in the background.  This report shows the patients who have recently been matched.
  • Unmatched Beneficiaries - This report is available to ACO customers for whom we have integrated practices and for whom we load their quarterly and annual CMS attribution lists.  We have implemented an algorithm which matches your EMR extracted patients to the beneficiaries in the attribution lists.  This matching algorithm allows users to filter report results down to only the patients attributed to the ACO and practice.  This report displays a list of unmatched patients.

Browser Session Management

When logging into the Clinigence application a "browser session" is created.  Prior to this release the session would automatically timeout after 120 minutes of inactivity.  This timeout occurred both when your browser was still open or if your browser had been closed.  The 120 minute timeout still applies when the browser is open.  Beginning with this release if the browser is closed the session will timeout in 2 minutes.