Clinigence consumes and provides reports based on the CCLF format.  Since the CCLF content changes frequently and varies based on the type of agreement your organization has with CMS some of the details in the actual reports may be more current than what is reflected in this documentation.

Clinigence provides three types of reports based on CMS's CCLF data.  

  • Canned reports which include
    • ER Frequency Report: This report identifies the patients who most frequently visit the ER over a rolling 24 month period.
    • Utility Report by TIN: The claims data broken down by TIN and aggregated by Claim Type and by Beneficiary Enrollment Type.
  • Pivot Tables
    • CMS Claims Pivot Table: This analytics report allows the user to manipulate the data used to generate the report as well as the dimensions used to define the X and Y axis of the report.  This report is intended for users with a data analytics background.
  • Advanced Analytics
    • This is series of screens and panels which allow the user to "slice and dice" the data based on virtually any criteria.