Data Provenance in the Performance Dashboard gives the user a peek at the "source of the data" used in the evidence columns. In the case of organizations with multiple practices, the Data Provenance can also tell you when this data is from an EHR instance outside of the EHR instance of the currently selected practice. 

Data Provenance is available for all non-demographic data and is noted with the "because" symbol () in the data evidence cell. When the data is from outside the currently selected practice, the because symbol has a blue background (). 

The example below shows the because symbol with the blue background that indicate the data for this item comes from outside of the selected practice.

Displaying Data Provenance

When the user hovers the mouse over the because symbol, the Data Provenance pop-up appears.

The Data Provenance Pop-up

Information included in the Data Provenance pop-up:

  • Practice name
  • Source Type (Procedure, Diagnosis, Lab, etc.)
  • Date 
  • Description
  • Numeric Value