This page documents feature enhancements and refinements included in Clinigence version 2.1.

Customizable Goal Thresholds

Goal thresholds can be associated with programs, guidelines and measures. Some programs have predetermined goal thresholds associated with measures while others leave it up to the organization or practice to define their own goal thresholds.  Until now the only goal thresholds available have been the program defaults.  Now users have the option to change the goal thresholds.

Why Set Goals?

The goal thresholds set will provide the Clinigence users with a visual cue on their progress. When a program, guideline or measure score is below the goal threshold, the progress bar appears in red. When the score is at or above the goal threshold, the progress bar appears in green.


Levels of Goal Thresholds

Thresholds can be set for:

  • Programs
  • Guidelines
  • Measures

The system provides default goal thresholds for all of these entities. Goal thresholds can be adjusted at the practice level and, if your practice is set up as being part of a larger organization, they can be adjusted at the organization level as well.

Your practice configuration, user role, and goal customization all contribute to determining what goal thresholds you will see in the Clinigence application. See “Understanding Goal Thresholds” in the Clinigence Helpdesk for details.

Setting Goal Thresholds

If you are a Practice Administrator or Organizational Administrator, you will have the ability to set the goal thresholds for all programs, guidelines and measures your organization or practice is enrolled in. Remember that goal thresholds set at the practice level will override the thresholds set at the organization level.

The process of setting goal thresholds is the same at both levels (organizational and practice):

  1. Log into the Clinigence application.
  2. Select the Settings Icon settings.png A menu of administrative functions appears.
  3. Select Goal Management. The Goal Management screen appears.
  4. Select a program from the dropdown list. The program and its guidelines appear.

Notice that there are goals set at the program level for both processes and outcomes. At the guideline level, the goal “sliders” will appear based on the type of measures included in that guideline. If the guideline only includes process measures, only a process goal “slider” appears. If the guideline only includes outcome measures, only an outcome goal “slider” appears. Only guidelines that have both process and outcome measures will show both process and outcome goal “sliders.”

  1. Set the each goal threshold by either:
    • Typing in the percentage in the field to the right of the slider bar, or
    • Dragging the slider tab left or right to the desired percentile.


  1. Repeat step 5 to change all the goal thresholds as desired. Select the small arrow to the left of the guideline name to display all the measures included in that guideline.
  2. When finished making changes, select the Save Changes button near the top of the screen.