Organization Administrators can add user credentials for the Organizational Administrator role.  Each organization should have at least one user with an Organizational Administrator role.  This user will be responsible for adding and maintaining other users' login credentials for the organization and the associated practices, and can see the patient data for all patients associated with the practice.

Only a Clinigence Administrator can add a new Organization Administrator.

  1. Login to the application.
  2. Select the Configuration tab near the top of your screen.
  3. Select Create Administrator Account.
  4. Enter the users name, description, and email address. (Email addresses can only be used once in the Clinigence system, so it must be unique to that user.)
  5. Enter the phone number (optional).
  6. Select Create.
  7. Be sure and notify the newly created user of the username you assigned and direct them to change their password by using the link on the login page.