Organization Administrators and Practice Administrators can add user credentials for the Practice Administrator role.  Each practice should have at least one user designated as the Practice Administrator. This user will be responsible for adding and maintaining other users' login credentials for the practice and can see the patient data for all patients associated with the practice.

Only an Organizational Administrator can add a new Practice Administrator.

  1. Login to the application.
  2. Select the Configuration tab near the top of your screen. A list of Organizational Administrators appears in the top portion of the screen. Below that is a list of Practice Accounts.
  3. Select Create Practice Administrator Account.
  4. Select the practice this user belongs to from the dropdown list. 
  5. Enter the user's name, description, and email address. (Email address can only be used once in the Clinigence system, so it must be unique to that person.)
  6. Select "Send Password Setup Link to Account Holder".  The account holder will receive an email with a link that will allow them to setup their password.
  7. If you want the user to be able to access the Configuration tab to be able to maintain users, update goal thresholds, or edit MIPS Renewal orders, select the Grant Configuration tab access checkbox.
  8. If you want the user to be able to view scores for all other practices in the organization, select the Restricted Organization Access checkbox. This allows the user to see scores but will not allow the user to view the patient lists or other patient data at any practice but his "home" practice selected in step 4.
  9. Optional: Enter the phone number.
  10. Select Save. 

The new user will receive an activation email.