If you forgot your password you can 

  • Go to the Clinigence application login page.
  • Fill in your username which should also be your email address.
  • Click on the "Forgot your password?" link.
  • You will receive a prompt asking you if you want to receive a reset password link.  Click "OK".
  • Check the inbox associated with your username and follow the reset instructions.  Note that this link is only good for 24 hours.  If it expires you can always request another reset link.  If you don't find the email check your spam folder as it may have been caught you your systems spam filter.

Note that this solution will only work if your username is a valid email address.  If your username is not a valid email address request please send a username change request to support@clinigence.com.

What if my account is locked for multiple login failures?

If you exceed the allowed number of failed logins, your account will be locked out for 10 minutes. At that point, you can re-try the lost password link again. If it is still locked you should submit a ticket to support@clinigence.com -- be sure to include the email address you are using to login.