Attached are the training video and outline as well as the PDF version a PowerPoint presentation describing the 2015 reporting year timeline as well as brief documentation describing how to use the product.

What's new for Q1 2016

  • Updates to the MSSP measures
    • Care 3 Medication Reconciliation replaces Care 1.  Care 1 was based on a discharge date whereas Care 3 is based on an in office visit.
    • The addition of the Mental Health measure and corresponding registry column.
    • The DM measure had a lot of data elements removed and as a result is much simpler.
  • Addition of contextual online help.  You will now see a  to the right of each question.  This documentation was taken from the CMS provided supporting documentation.
  • Updates to the Performance report.
    • The "Export All" button on the front page allows you to export all practices and beneficiaries to a single CSV file.  Previously you had to perform exports for each practice.
    • When drilling through to the detailed pages you will see the beneficiary practice and provider assignments.