Organization Administrators and Practice Administrators can add user credentials for the Provider role.

  1. Login to the application.
  2. Select the Configuration tab near the top of your screen. A list of Organizational Administrators appears in the top portion of the screen. Below that is a list of Practice Accounts.
  3. Under each practice name is a list of providers and other Clinigence users. Providers will have the Type "Provider."
  4. Scroll down to locate the practice this provider belongs to from the list.
  5. Select the underlined provider name. If the provider does not appear in the list, create a support ticket for Clinigence at  If the provider has "No credentials" under the UserName column, proceed to step 6, otherwise, proceed to step 7.
  6. Fill in the provider's name, description, and email address. (Email address can only be used once in the Clinigence system, so it must be unique to that person.)
  7. If you decide that you want this provider to also have Practice Administrator access (can see all providers and patients at that practice), select the Admin box. If you also want them to be able to see the scores for all other practices in the organization, select the Restricted Organization Access box. (They will see scores, but cannot view the patient lists for other practices.)
  8. Be sure and notify the provider of the username you assigned or direct them to change their password by using the link on the login page.