Clinigence System Maintenance Schedule

Dear Clinigence Users,

During this busy reporting period we want to make sure everyone is aware of our standard system maintenance policies. While maintenance is being performed

  • The systems may be inaccessible.
  • Portions of the application may be inaccessible.
  • System performance may be degraded and/or inconsistent.

The below times are Eastern time zone.

12 AM Sunday morning (midnight) through 6 AM Monday morning is always reserved for system maintenance.  If at all possible we use this window for any scheduled system downtime.  If the system is up during this time you may be automatically be logged out of the server due to maintenance.  If this happens it is OK to login again.

12 AM through 6 AM Tuesday through Saturday is used for large processing tasks and backups neither of which result in downtime but can degrade system performance.

9 PM through 9 AM Monday through Saturday is not a typical downtime window but may be used if the maintenance work cannot wait until Sunday morning. If users are to expect downtime during this window a message will be posted on the login page.