QMX Johns-Hopkins ACG - Version 12

We are pleased to announce that Clinigence Health/QualMetrix (QMX) is now using the new Johns-Hopkins ACG version 12 for all risk scoring, disease and projected costs modeling. Version 12 of the ACG's, has been enhanced for this modeling over its' predecessor, Version 11 in the following areas:


New Clinical markers:

       * Hepatitis C and PTSD

Pharmacy markers:

        * Three new groups were created: Inflammatory, Pain, and Renal

Two groups were retired:

       *   Musculoskeletal 

       *   General Signs and Symptoms

New Laboratory markers for risk refinement are available:

        *   Diabetes

        *   Dyslipidemia

        *   Deficiency Anemia

        *   Kidney Disease

These changes enhance the risk scoring model and will result in slightly different risk scores for your population. These will become effective for your next data load.

We will be rolling out some new features included with the ACG v12 during 2019 that will include:

       *   CMS HCC scoring

       *   Opioid use/mis-use reporting

       *   Enhanced ED Visit classifications (Avoidable ER)


Questions?  Email support@clinigence.com

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Recent eMDs User Conference brought to light the urgency of cms HCC risk scoring, disease, and projected costs modeling.  EMDs has rolled out RX enterprise for NCPDP Script 2017 standards. Soon the Dr. First controlled RX link will be updated for the Opiod Screening IA.  We look forward to any analytics rollout for Practice Partner practices .

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